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This meditation album was my first guided meditation release, which I created back in 2007. It has proven to be my most popular meditation album on iTunes. The visualizations and meditations are concise and faster paced, compared to my newer meditations. These tracks will take you on an inner journey where all tension and stress will begin to melt away. It contains two guided visualizations and three guided meditations. It will equally suit a beginner or a more advanced meditator.

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool in which mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health can be restored and maintained. Regular meditation will bring a calmer and more peaceful approach to life, more energy and vitality, and a deeper level of self-worth and awareness. Your physical stamina and health will improve along with your own intuitive and psychic abilities.

Hi Brad, just wanted to tell you how great your mediations are. I use 'Psychic Protection' on a daily basis and 'Beach Meditation' too. I find your voice very suited to meditation, calm, nice tone and clear. I have tried many other meditation albums and by far yours is one of the best. I recommended to many people. Your meditations are not rushed, flow beautifully and you feel refreshed and relaxed after listening. Keep up the good work, I am spreading the news! :)
— Debra

Music composed by Sigma

Total Running time: 36:57

Clock Visualization Download

I am offering a guided meditation off this popular album as a free download in zip format. Simply click the above link to download the file.


Download Instructions

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Guided Meditation album in MP3 Format

Trackmp3 sample
1. Introduction
2. Clock Visualization
3. Psychic Protection Visualization
4. Beach Meditation
5. Grounding-Connection to Source Meditation
6. Inner Peace, World Peace Meditation

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Track Summary

Introduction: (3:15)

A general introduction into meditation and some advice to help you get the most out of your meditation practice.


Clock Visualisation: (4:12)

A simple visualization technique that can be practiced whenever you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It is ideal when you have a busy day and need some time out. You visualize a clock on a wall. What speed are the hands spinning around the clock? You can consciously slow your mind down by slowing the hands spinning around the clock. This technique will teach you to slow your mind when you are feeling overwhelmed.


Psychic Protection Visualisation: (4:19)

This is a simple visualization technique that can be practiced in busy shopping centres, at work or anytime you feel overwhelmed by the energy of others. You visualize a bubble of light surrounding you; this bubble of protection is very strong and free from holes or imbalances. You visualize different colours in your aura, allowing healing and protection to take place.


Beach Meditation: (8:32)

This is a full body relaxation meditation to allow you to relax and connect with nature at the beach. You feel the warm sand beneath your feet. You feel the warm sun energizing your skin. You see the clear water and the waves crashing on the sand, you allow yourself to be at one with nature.


Grounding — Connecting to Source Meditation: (9:20)

This advanced meditation is a full body relaxation meditation and also allows you to ground to Mother Earth and connect with your Higher Self. You visualize roots extending down from the soles of your feet and connecting to the essence of Mother Earth. Then bringing your focus back to your body, you allow a ball of light to travel up your upper charkas and connect with your higher self. What messages does your higher self have for you?


Inner Peace — World Peace Meditation: (7:20)

This is a full body relaxation meditation that allows you to relax and then allow these inner feelings of peace and tranquility out into the world. You visualize a hologram of the earth in your hands. You are holding the planet in your hands and you begin to send healing pink energy to the planet.

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