The Yin and Yang of Meditation — Guided Meditations
by Brad Austen and Debra Bull


We believe that the central key to "wholeness" is balance. A balance between your masculine and feminine energies. Masculine energies provide us with the strength, determination, power and diligence required for success in your life. Feminine energies provide us with the love, compassion, nurturing and tenderness necessary for successful relationships.

This album is designed to harmonize, balance and bring together your masculine and feminine energies, providing you with a more balanced and harmonious life. It features the voice of Brad Austen and Debra Bull. There are times in our life when we need the love, nurturing and tenderness that the feminine energy brings. Equally there are times in our life when we need the focus, diligence and drive to propel ourselves forward in our life.

This meditation album contains the following tracks. The first 3 tracks plus the introduction are by Brad Austen; the last 3 tracks are by Debra Bull

Hello Brad, Just wanted to write you a quick message complimenting your work. I'm usually one who prefers a female's voice when it comes to guided meditation but I think your talent for this has far surpassed anyone I've encountered. I work in a nutritional consulting practice and every person I introduce to you seems to reap some sort of positive benefit from your talents. Thanks for sharing your work with the rest of us. :]

Blessings to you,

Music composed by Sigma

Total Running Time: 76:51


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The Yin and Yang of Meditation in MP3 Format

Trackmp3 sample
1. Introduction
2. Neural Pathway Visualization
3. Living the Dream Visualization
4. Tie-cutting with the Angels Meditation
5. Crystal Cave Meditation
6. Rose Quartz Garden Meditation
7. Soul Purpose Meditation

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Track Summary

Introduction: (3:52)

A brief introduction into the concept of yin and yang and meditation. Advice is given to get the most out of your meditation practice.


Neural Pathway Visualization: (5:14)

A visualization technique to help change negative thoughts, and activate the power of the mind. You visualize your brain; you see the left and right hemispheres and the neural pathways in your brain. You zoom in on one of the pathways and it becomes a road. The surrounding environment is bleak and dark. You feel comfortable to leave this road and negative thoughts behind, as you visualize a new path spring to life.


Living the Dream Visualization: (5:17)

A visualization technique for scripting your life, be the dreamer and manifesting your dreams into reality. Begin by visualizing yourself on a movie set. You see a black directors chair with your name on it. You walk over and sit in your chair. It is your movie; you can create anything you want. You choose the characters, the setting, the tone and the theme. You pick up a pad and pen and write something you want in your life, as a statement as if it has already occurred.


Tie-cutting with the Angels Meditation: (10:37)

A full body relaxation meditation, followed by a tie-cutting technique for removing unhealthy relationships in your life. You visualize an unhealthy relationship in your life, a co dependent relationship or simply just dysfunctional. You see a cord of attachment situated in your stomach area, attached to the other person. With the help of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, the cord is removed allowing healing to take place.


Crystal Cave Meditation: (17:52)

You visualize a ball of light in your heart. Gradually this ball of light ascends up your upper charkas towards your higher self. Imagine yourself walking along a winding path, and at the end of the path is a mouth of a cave. You walk inside and see crystals glisten everywhere. As you walk deeper in the cave you hear a gentle hum, and you see a giant crystal, preserved from the time of Atlantis. You allow this crystal to heal all aspects of you.


Rose Quartz Garden Meditation: (16:56)

You visualize a ball of light in your heart, which gently rises up and connects you to your higher self. Imagine yourself in a beautiful rainforest. As you look around you are surrounded by rose quartz, the trees and the landscape are all rose quartz. You are surrounded by the essence of love. As you continue down your path, you arrive at a beautiful flowing waterfall. The water glistens and shines. At the bottom of the waterfall is a lagoon filled with rose quartz crystals.


Soul Purpose Meditation: (17:00)

You visualize a ball of light in your heart, which gently rises up and connects you to your higher self. You begin walking down a path of knowledge, you feel at one with everything around you. You hear the birds sing and you feel yourself sing with them. At the end of the path is a doorway. This is the doorway to your soul purpose. The doors magically open and you enter to reveal your soul purpose.


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