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Brad Austen's Guided Meditation CD

Guided Meditation CD

This was the first guided meditation CD I produced, the visualisations and meditations are concise and shorter in length than my newer meditations. Whether you need help with psychic protection, slowing your mind or grounding, this CD will give you the tools to assist this process. It is available in mp3 format, simply click the above cover.

The Yin and Yang of Meditation

The Yin and Yang of Meditation

I co-produced this CD with Debra Bull, who initially introduced me to meditation. It features the voice of myself, Brad Austen and Debra Bull. Deb and I wanted to create a unique CD that features two different voices and diverse guided meditations to assist with relaxation, self discovery and healing. It is available in mp3 format, simply click the above cover.

Let There Be Light

I designed this CD especially for working with the light for healing and transformation. We all need healing on some level, this CD will give you the option to explore and release your fears in a safe space. It also will assist with relaxation, healing and connecting to your guides and higher self. The meditations are longer and slower paced than my previous CDs. It is available in mp3 format, simply click the above cover.

Meditation Magic

This CD has a magical theme and Ascended Master Merlin is your guide on this journey of self discovery and healing. This CD contains powerful affirmations to reprogram your mind, explore spiritual themes and allow healing and self discovery to take place. It is available in mp3 format, simply click the above cover.

A Guided Journey To Deep Sleep

Are you tossing and turning each night? Do you find it hard to switch off at night? This album is a guided journey to assist you to sleep well at night. It combines hypnotic music with relaxation techniques to assist you to unwind and relax. It then guides you to your favourite beach where the gentle sound of waves gently ease you into to a deep restful sleep. It is available in mp3 format, simply click the above cover.

Crystal Healing

This CD is designed to assist you in working with crystals in different ways, to facilitate your own healing, intuition and spiritual growth. Crystals assist us in connecting to the realm of spirit, our higher self and assist in strengthening this connection. Crystals assist us in this process of our collective ascension into light. Each crystal is unique and contains certain properties to help balance our chakras, and aid in physical healing and well-being. It is available in mp3 format, simply click the above cover.

Releasing Fear And Healing The Heart

In this meditation album, Releasing Fear and Healing the Heart, I was inspired to create a series of meditations to assist people with releasing fear and also healing the heart. Everyone experiences fear from time to time, but for some can become a constant problem, that causes grief and suffering. The heart can also hold pain and trauma that needs to be released and healed. Everyone needs healing on some level, the guided meditations on this album are spirit-inspired to assist you with this process. It is available in mp3 format.

Working With Your Spirit Guides

Working With Your Spirit Guides, as the name suggests is a collection of guided meditations to assist you in working with your higher self and spirit guides, to receive guidance, inspiration and connection with spirit. These guided meditations take you on a journey to meet and connect with your guides, so that you can have a working relationship with them in your life. It is available in mp3 format.

Meditations to Ease Anxiety & Depression

These series of guided meditations are designed to assist you in easing your anxiety and depression symptoms so you may have a brighter day. Anxiety and depression are common in our modern society. The power of relaxation and visualization can make a big difference in relieving these conditions. One of the tracks on this album contains a powerful protection meditation to protect you from the negative influence of others.

Magical Walking Meditation

This meditation is a walking meditation, designed to be practiced and listened to while walking in nature. I have recently been meditating while walking and was one day inspired to create this meditation to share with others. Meditation or mindfulness doesn't always require you to sit with your eyes closed. With some practice you can also meditate doing activities such as walking. This magical walking meditation will guide and assist you to do achieve this.

Smile and Be Happy

This meditation is a short and sweet meditation to assist you in bringing happiness into your life. By practising smiling on a regular basis it helps to put you in a positive frame of mind and appreciate all the little things you have in your life, allowing you to bring more positive experiences into your life. This album is available in mp3 format.

Attracting Your Soul Mate

When I was creating these meditations, I set out to create an album that will help you to attract your soul mate into your life. These meditations are spirit-inspired and combine guided imagery, positive affirmations to help you attract that special person into your life. This album is available in mp3 format.


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